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In light of our very own Dana McCreary crushing her half marathon goal Sunday (Woop Woop!), Make Sh*t Happen, the resurrection of the endurance program, and let us not forgot all those New Years Resolutions, I found myself reflecting on my own to-do’s, to-be’s and to have-not’s in the world of health & fitness. One thing was clear, the first move is always a declaration. After which, there will be some point that you can’t just be all talk anymore.

I was fortunate to spend my NYE with many members of the FFOTB family and for the second year running we made bold calls in front of one another about what 2013 would hold. For some there were take two’s from last year like learning to play an instrument, or to be the best boyfriend in the world. But for all of us, there was some form of a race thrown down, be it a 5k, 10k, Half marathon, marathon, or Boston qualifying time. All badass, all relative, nothing easy. So, if ‘Declaration’ is Step 1, I think it is only suiting that ‘Action’ be Step 2.

Kris represented well at this weekend's C.A.L. Saturday Night Lights.

Kris represented well at this weekend’s C.A.L. Saturday Night Lights.

Pick a run and sign up! Once a move has been made at the very least you have to show up to the start line, and all that sits in between paying your entry and the finish line is preparation. For some, that is nothing. For others, that could be day in day out grueling training. The same route for all the participants yet an entirely difference race from one another.

So as the newcomer to the coaching staff and your family, I hope to leave you with one nugget of advice: Whatever you want to call it you all are making shit happen, setting goals, and making resolutions, so take the next step and put your stake in the ground and take action. Register for that race. Together we will get you ready, heck I will even drive you to the start line, pace you, and take your picture crossing the finish line, but only you can make the call to action.

Save face and sign up already.


Here are some great local (and not so local) races:

Trail Race

The Color Run 5K

The Santa Monica Classic 10K

Sea Wheeze Half Marathon

Rock n Rock Marathon San Diego – Full Marathon

SoCal Ragnar Relay (Great team event)


Johanna Hudson


Tuesday’s Workout:

400m Run
15 KB Snatches
20m Bear Crawl


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