Your New Lifestyle: A Bird’s Eye View

As the functional training and real nutrition wave sweeps across the globe, I began to think about life without it. If you’ve been consumed like I have, it’s hard to imagine life before being “Better than yesterday,” eating real food, and training functionally were daily buzz words in your life. Whether it’s still what brings our students here or not may depend, but many of the folks we see at FFOTB come to us because they are one way and they wish to be another (better) way.

The future looks bright!

Why did you come to FFOTB? Did you want to lose weight? Did you want a lifestyle change? Since for most of us this is new, nearly 100% of our community are enjoying new life changing progress. For example, no one’s come from a 6 year hiatus from another FFOTB because there wasn’t such a thing 6 years ago.

This mental exercise isn’t just for the sick and overweight folks, either. Hell, I was an athlete before this, and FFOTB has still changed my life. My blood panels look better, I am leaner, stronger, faster, more limber, etc than when I was paid to be athletic. My entire world has changed. I don’t believe the things I did then and my lifestyle reflects it for the better now.

Here’s a crazy thought: What if you had this lifestyle all along? What if you stripped away the novelty of this community? What if squatting, pushing, pulling, and running were your “norm?” What if you never thought Wheaties was the breakfast of champions? If you knew nothing else, I think we’d live in a remarkable world, don’t you?

Well, there’s some good news here. In ten years, I’ll bet we’ll all still be eating animals and plants for fuel. You’ll still believe in training functional movements, and we’ll be as fit as we’ve ever been. “Getting old” might not look anything like we thought it would be, either.

Our next generation may never know leg curls or low fat yogurt. If we’re lucky, we won’t even remember the days of 40 minute elliptical rides.

A new norm is coming. And, whether you’ve had just the best 2 weeks with us or you’re like Nikki Pounds and it’s been 2 beautiful years, be rest assured that’s we’ve got a lifetime of improvement, celebration, and fitness ahead.


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

For time

Complete the following unbroken, five times for time:

20 Squats
40 Lunges
Sprint 100m

*Athletes may rest as needed between rounds
**If round is broken, Run 400m

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