Creation: Nothing Required

The corny line sounds something like this: “You can create something out of nothing. You just gotta start somewhere.” Well, say it how you want, but there’s a million examples to validate this point. Creation has no prerequisite but a thought.

Surely we can’t do class on water? Think again!

If origami doesn’t drive this point home, I’m not sure what does. I guess, of course, you do need a piece of paper to do any origami. What it becomes, however, is up to you. Whether it’s a paper airplane, an intricate swan, or a priceless piece of art, the paper hasn’t an ounce to do with the value of the thing. The thought and the execution of that thought, however, makes it potentially valuable.

What about FFOTB? It’s nothing you can put your hands on. Though, some of our students will tell you this is the greatest thing in their life, yet it’s not a “thing” at all.

With the freedom that comes with this idea, think of everything that is possible for you. Want something, but don’t have it? Create it. Remember, the reality of anything is just an idea away. Act on that idea, and then you’re on your way.

Well? Get to it!


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

Pro Shuttle (6 attempts)

Then, in 6 minutes:
Run 800m
Max Back Squats (185/135)

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