Eat Your Frog First

Productivity isn’t just important for Olympic lifts and ridiculous bouts of timed exercise. Ideally anything you learn while you’re enrolled in this school of fitness will aid you in real life. I mean, that’s the point right? We want to enjoy a more free, healthy, active, and fun life, and this program supports that.

Gym shades are in!

My message today has nothing to do with push ups or hang cleans, but it has everything to do with how to edge out more productivity in your life. We all have tasks to do. I’m here to talk about how the sequencing of your work can affect performance. Mark Twain once said:

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

In true Mark Twain fashion, he gets a brilliant point across with a bit of bizarre humor. Tough tasks don’t get done, because well, we obviously don’t do them. Pushing these tasks towards the end of your list will only decrease your desire/ability to take on the task.

Here’s a short, useful video on the power of prioritizing your work:


Maybe from now on try to guzzle down your frog first thing at work. That way you can ride into the sunset each day with ease.

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Complete the following for reps:

In 5 minutes:
Run 800m
Max Thrusters (65/45)

-Rest 5 min-

In 4 minutes:
Run 400m Max Thrusters (95/65)

-Rest 4 Min-

In 3 minutes:
Run 200m
Max Thrusters (115/85)

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