Flip the Script

I had an interesting conversation today.  I was talking with a friend of mine about his recent break up with his significant other.  He said something that stopped me in my tracks.  And, it’s something that I keep thinking about. I had never heard it posed this way and I am not going to get the wording exactly, but I’ll do my best.  He said, “As you get older, you wonder if the time you have left is as much as the time you have already had.”  He had clearly put this to work in his life, and is using this to better himself.  Big Kudos to you my friend, I see you working and its inspiring.
This statement brings all kinds of things to mind. I think about the good things that I have done, bad things that I have done, relationships that I have ended and started, & bridges that I have burnt and built.  There are songs that come to mind, too. “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw is one that I always think about when things like this come up.  Also, my failures come to mind, times that I have just missed the ball, all of my dreams and goals surface as well.  It seems that a positive always comes up with a negative.

Throw a fist up! Celebrate!

I am turning 31 in less than a month.  I am so happy to be in my 30s and so excited about things to come.  Could it be possible that I have lived more than I have left to live?  I guess that is always a possibility.  It is a drastic change in perspective, but I believe that it is a useful exercise to walk through in your mind.  I am by no means putting a countdown on my time here, I am just speaking from a place of searching for quality and meaning in what I do.  Instead of passing the time, I make it a point to enjoy the time.
 What if you were past the halfway point?  Would that change the decisions that you make today?  What are the things you did today?  If you had one week, one month, one year left, what are the things that would be on your list?  Why are you not doing these things now?  If you are doing these things that’s awesome! You’re on the right track.
I see it this way.  If you make the choice to work for the positive, be constructive not destructive, help others, love those around you, chase your dreams, work hard, play hard, be healthy, laugh as much as possible, be the best mother, father, brother, sister, husband, brother, wife, sister, friend, coach, etc…. that you can be, whether you live 1 more day or 100 more years, you WIN. Hands down.  And, everyone is better because of it.
I challenge you to think about this.  What if you had a limited time left?   What would you do today?  Cheers to having a happy, healthy, long life! And once again, I want to send a big thank You to my friend!  Your story inspired me, and I hope it will go on to inspire others.
Danny Lesslie
Complete the following for time:

20-15-10-5 Deadlift (225/155)
5-5-5-5 Bar Roll Outs

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