Homework: See your classmates in jeans

Have you ever heard someone preface a story with something like, “Man, when I was in college we used to..” and continue on to describe something memorable? Sure, we all have. Well, how many of those stories are of something that happened inside of a college class? Hell, how many of those stories had ANYTHING to do with class? In my experience, it’s few and far between.

This concept has nothing to do with college either. We’ve all heard a crazy uncle at the family holiday party talk about his run in’s with the local sheriff “in high school.” Why is it that even when our experiences have NOTHING to do with something like high school or college we still qualify them as such?

The Nation cleans up nice, huh?

“Man, college is awesome. It’s all about being with friends, drinking beer, and going to football games.” Most literally, college is 160 units of scholarly courses. Most courses have a midterm and a final exam, while others have a research paper or two. We’d be kidding ourselves, however, if we tried to say that college was just text books and test preparation, however. The reason we describe the lifestyle of college and all its peripheral things is because the experience is made rich by them. I’d like to validate that college is football games. College is beer and friends. College is about learning and taking exams, but it’s as much about the social dynamic as it is anything else.

It’s no different here. You, too, are enrolled in school. So, when you speak of your time at Functional Fitness on the Bluffs, it’s my opinion that you’ve missed the boat if you tell the tale of workout times, deadlifts, and sandbag runs. Class is a prerequisite to being in the program and it’s the thread that brings us all together. But, the lifestyle you’ve created here that includes the BBQs, the birthdays, the trips, and the late nights is what makes Functional Fitness on the Bluffs.

Train hard, learn a ton, and utilize your coaches well, but go to the costume parties, drink beer with your classmates, and live it up with this community. Not because it contributes to your fitness, but because it contributes to the magic of this experience.

Go Nation!


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

“Partner Mutiny”

Complete the following for time:
400m Run (w/ partner)
60 Med Ball Chest-Pass-Burpees
60 Partner Med Ball Sit Ups
400m Run                                            <— Ditch your partner!
30 Push ups
30 Squats
400m Run
15 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
15 Inverted Burpees

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