6th Gear

Our bodies, in many ways, function just like a car. Whether your body is a Ferrari or a Buick LaSabre, you have gears. It makes sense, too. Our cadence on foot, for example, has degrees from walking, to a jog, to a run, and even a sprint. Furthermore, there’s a time and place for each of these gears. Walking away from a hungry lion is just as ridiculous as sprinting from aisle to aisle in the grocery store. 

Our fitness school has assumed the responsibility of fostering the most broad, general, inclusive fitness possible. The idea, then, is that our students will build competency across not only many movements and disciplines, but time domains as well. These “time domains” are at the heart of our unique internal gears.


If I told you to run 40 yards as fast as possible, and then I told you to run 10K as fast as possible, I’d hope that your intensity would have a stark contrast between the two. Talking about our gears, we’ll call your 40 yard dash effort “6th gear” and your 10K effort “2nd or 3rd gear.

Today is a day to practice 6th gear. If your a beginner athlete, this may take some time and experience to find, but the intention should be there nonetheless. Today’s workout (as prescribed) will only take me a few minutes max to complete, yet it will take everything I’ve got at an intensity that borders full capacity – the red zone. The trick for students is to scale this particular workout in a fashion that they are able to complete the work in just a few minutes as well, at a blazing speed (within the confines of safety, of course).

Start you engines!

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Battery Work
Odd: 10 KB Swings
Even: 5 Bent Over Rows

Hang Power Clean (135/95)
Shoulder to Over Head
Push Ups

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