You: Unbroken

Do you ever feel like this place is in the business of fixing people? If so, that’s either my fault for giving you that perspective or you’re fault for assuming. The point is, for many of us, things may look and feel a lot different if we didn’t assume that something is wrong with us.

What if every aspect of you was exactly as it should be, including the less than desirable things?

I may have poor hamstring flexibility and a lengthy list of goats, but nothing is wrong with me. I am not broken nor do I need fixing. Wanting to lose weight, learn to run better, sleep more, or have better nutrition habits doesn’t mean something is wrong with you either. It simply means you’d like to improve.

Bro session.

I think many can agree that it is quite easy to step into something like this feeling like a broken wheel that needs fixing. Changing this perspective may change your experience with us.

Rest assured.. You and all of your weaknesses make you perfectly you. We’re just a place to help brighten your shine.

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

With one barbell and a partner complete the following for time:

400m Run

100 Power Cleans

400m Run

75 Shoulder to Overhead

400m Run

50 Overhead Squats

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