Benavidez Demonstrates Levels of Humanity

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I’m not sure who needs to watch this, but there are levels to the human will. This man is made of the same things you are. He has inside of him wonderful traits and less-than-admirable ones just the same as you do. Mr. Benavidez developed the parts of him that would later earn him one

DEUCE Yoga to Return

After a remarkably successful pop-up last month, we will offer two additional pop-ups for DEUCE Yoga at the garage in March. These four pop-ups with Yogi Debbie Steingesser will be available via a drop-in fee. Our intention is to gather both interest and feedback as to how to roll out the course offering indefinitely.  You

Making Sense with Self-Talk

Every moment you move through the world, you’re using sensory tools to perceive your reality. While no combination of sensory systems can perfectly perceive reality, we’re making a valiant effort. Many of these systems you know well. Consider sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell are critical components for our perception. There’s one system that you

Nearing Warhol with Personability

I remember reading the MLB Scouting Report for a teammate of mine in high school, DJ Lewis. He was a man amongst children. He came from a passionate, loving, and strict Jamaican family. In his write up from the MLB Scouting Bureau it listed the usual details about his skills and physical attributes, but it


At the beginning of every Breath & Exposure Seminar, I take a minute to articulate the particular tone & style of language that I’ll be attempting to deliver information from. Specifically, I’ll share a spectrum of the following two extremes: a meticulously critical (think: sterile) scientific lens, and an exceptionally spiritual (think: hippy-like) lens. I’ll