How ‘Wee Man’ of MTV’s Jackass Inspired DEUCE

I’d walk into ET Surf Skate Snow to get a new pair of skate shoes. The shop, which still is coincidentally around the corner from where DEUCE Athletics is now, would be where I bought my first skateboard & later my first surfboard. The year was 1998. I was 13. One of my favorite things


We’re fresh off of a successful showing at the LA Fit Expo where, amongst other things, we launched our “doing it” campaign. The purple “doing it” tees are all but sold out (available in store only), but the grey and gold tees are now available to the public.  The back of the tee features our

FREE Community Workout

Join us this Saturday for our monthly FREE Community Workout! All students of any fitness level are welcome. Things will start promptly at 9am and keep in mind that the FREE Community Workout is a 90-minute class. We will not have a 10am GPP class as a result.  The Community Workout is a fun, inclusive

Dialogue Fitness

You know how it goes, “Mo money, mo problems.” (Sorry, not sorry. Go on, start singing The Notorious B.I.G…) In the same lens, let’s address the abundance of communication channels available today. As in, “More channels, more problems.”   Now, in addition to [potentially] more problems, more communication channels can mean more opportunities, too. Much like

Off Kilter for an Improved View

You’re on kilter, aren’t you? We naturally seek a homeostasis, after all. One of the great paradoxes in human existence is the effort our bodies and minds go through to achieve homeostasis. Meanwhile, it is specifically disturbance, variability, and fluctuations that drive positive biological changes and color our beautiful changes in perspective, not homeostasis.  Unfortunately,