Reality via Reflection

We can only make sense of things in context. The entire second section of our Coach’s Prep 101 program addresses this exact phenomenon. A classic example I give is in reference to body height. If I found myself, at six foot three inches tall, subbing in to a NBA basketball game the color commentator might

2018 Holiday Party is Here!

  Join us this evening starting at 7PM for a celebration of the 2018 year with us. All are invited to our own Chef Walker’s restaurant, The Mar Vista, for fun community vibes. The event is FREE and all friends and family of the gym are welcome whether you’re a member or not. If you’re drinking,

FREE Community Workout Saturday

Join us this Saturday December 1st for a FREE Community Workout. It all starts at 9AM and is open to the public regardless of fitness level. These FREE Community Workouts are a fun, large group atmosphere that are perfect for getting a sweat in a fun, learning environment. Come one, come all. See you there!

Map vs. Territory

There’s a saying in the neurolinguistic programming (NLP) community that goes like this: “the map is not the territory.” This is an important concept especially when humans interact with one another. Chances are that means you, so listen up. Everyone you’ve ever met might be looking at the same world as you, but they definitely

All Fitness Equipment is an “Odd”

There’s a figure of speech used around the strongman implements. They’re referred to as “odd objects”. After all, they aren’t much like the usual suspects in a gym like dumbbells, plates, and kettlebells, are they? Well, the strongman tools may be less common, but I’d argue they are no more “odd” than a kettlebell. Most