Happy Halloween from DEUCE Gym

**All classes are running as scheduled – Costumes encouraged** Happy Halloween! Thank you all for making last Saturday’s ‘Deadlift + Death Press’ contest a success. We aren’t limiting our celebration to the event, so join us for some training today in costume. We’ve been doing fitness in costume on Halloween for the last seven years

Introducing HoldTheStandard.com

In the same way that the Hold the Standard™ concept is an umbrella we all live, work, and operate under at DEUCE Gym, the concept itself transcends fitness. If you haven’t taken up the belief that this place is more than a physical fitness gym, then you’re likely not paying attention. It’s our view that

Curating Your Nurture

The nature versus nurture debate may still rage on in some circles, but it’s dead as a doornail here. No, we haven’t unearthed some new scientific evidence to put the argument to rest. We have something even better! It’s called awareness and here’s what it tells us. Even if there is a case to believe

Message Sent and Received?

Part of the reason that humans are notoriously unsatisfactory communicators is that we assume that what we think we’re saying is being heard. In fact, the amount of vague language and subjectivity in our communication pours gasoline on an already lit fire based on how poor humans can be as listeners. Part of the reason

PRO SHOP: 5-Panel Hat

Represent with this new black 5-panel DEUCE hat. You can represent Venice Beach well with ‘VENICE’ on the front and the diamond two DEUCE logo on the side. These new lids are adjustable, so one size fits all. For a limited time we are shipping a FREE gift with each online purchase, so act fast!