When You’re Extremely Easy to Kill

Last week we addressed the general population’s inability to understand the basic skill of locomotion we call running. In my rant, which included important shifts in perception about the seemingly docile practice of going out for a jog, I made aggressive statements about the quality (or lack thereof) of movement across the board in running.

We Don’t Arrive at Subjective Destinations

Critical to realizing ideal outcomes is having an objective view of the desired result. Since many of our goals are subjective, this is critically important. Failing to do so will place you in an endless loop shooting at a moving target. We’ve discussed this before and it’s a cornerstone in our Coach’s Prep 101 program.

CrossFit is Free

CrossFit is free and it always has been. The same is true for most exercise, in fact. I’d like to add that if you’re paying for CrossFit, you’re wasting money. Don’t believe me? You can find the world’s best CrossFit workouts for FREE daily here and here and literally thousands of other websites just like

Who is Lt. Michael Murphy?

**All Classes Canceled in Observance of Memorial Day** Today we celebrate Memorial Day, the lives of all the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and Lt. Michael Murphy at 11AM for a DEUCE Gym tradition. All classes will be cancelled in observance of the holiday and we will perform one workout, a tribute

Share Your Art

It’s a basic human need to express one’s self with the intended result of being understood. This is your art. For some, like Ugo Nonis here, their art takes on a more literal meaning. For you, however, expression need not come on a canvas necessarily, but it is important that you’re heard, nonetheless. The good