Individual Programs: Big Cost, Little Benefit

Let’s get a couple things straight. The perfect program is the most specific program. However, the relationship between the specificity of a program and its effectiveness isn’t one-to-one. To simplify, an athlete could say find 95% of his/her potential with the most general of programs. A program custom tailored to an athlete’s mood, weaknesses, femur

Insurance to Keep Any Boss Happy

Consider the following situations. In the first, you’re seven minutes late to a work meeting. Traffic was unavoidably, uniquely terrible and, despite your conscious effort to leave with ample time you were late. What else could you do? You shrug it off and hope the boss isn’t too upset. The second situation is the exact

Spring Training 2009: Death as Freedom

You’ve never been truly free until you’ve completely accepted death. I’d like to share one of the most heart wrenching moments of my athletic career with you to make the point. It was the Spring of 2009 and I was in camp with the San Diego Padres wrapping up Spring Training. As a young player,

DEUCE Presents: Memorial Day “Murph”

We invite you to join us on Memorial Day, Monday May 28, at 11AM for a DEUCE Gym tradition. All classes will be cancelled in observance of the holiday and we will perform one workout, a tribute to Michael Murphy. All are welcome to Memorial Day “Murph”. While Lt. Michael Murphy likely would have preferred

Therapy: A Universal Tool

I’m in therapy. Let me say that better. I’m heavily in therapy. Unfortunately, sometimes people put their struggles in the public eye for attention, pity, or as a marketing hype tool. Hopefully what comes across today isn’t that. We’re all struggling with something, so I shouldn’t be viewed differently for my own struggles. What makes