6/5/15 - Voice Recognition, but No Cage Free Eggs

Slow change over time can lead us to some scary places without us realizing it. One of these such places, for example, are the social norms surrounding our money and how we spend it, in my opinion.

Just yesterday I considered, especially in a town like Los Angeles, that it is quite normal to “purchase” a car with value asymmetrical to anything else in our lives. Social norms have made it normal, yet we universally agree other things like nutrition, fitness, and quality body work (without insurance) are too luxurious to consider.

Now, I’m not speaking from a simplistic position that says material possessions are inherently bad. I’m a fan of nice cars. What I’m speaking to is the general understanding that we seem to all support that say it’s fully legitimate to buy a car that most will never actually own (at least not before it’s time to get a new one) with borrowed money, yet consuming real, pasture centric food is a luxury almost no one is ready to afford.

We’re talking about buying cars with built in Wi-Fi, NASA engineered environment recognition technology, multiple cameras and video data displays, and none of us actually can afford it so we take out a loan we almost never pay back fully, but we say no to cage free eggs? Come on, guys..


Logan Gelbrich


6/5/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:

Power Cleans (155/105)