2/3/15 - Strength and Quality of Life

There was enough information tossed around at this past weekend’s CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar here at DEUCE to power a hundred blogs. One particular concept we discussed was quite exciting for me, especially considering our company. With a the strongest pound for pound powerlifter in the world and her coach at the head of the conversation, you can imagine the kind of fringe sacrifice and hard work we are dealing with. Yet, the topic of conversation was “quality of life.”


The light bulb when off in my head when I heard this. These coaches from a gym known for its ruthless training and even more ruthless athletes are here talking about quality of life. As a bit of microcosm of this, we often feel the same way around here. We’re a bit of sheep in lion’s clothing at 110 Lincoln Blvd. It looks like a scary gym where boys get turned into men when in reality we’re just talking about improving quality of life.

As it turns out, squatting heavy and lifting with chains isn’t just for people with the desire to be a world champion powerlifter. Strength is freedom. With strength, we are resilient to injury, we are resilient to assisted living, and we’re empowered to participate in anything we want to.


Logan Gelbrich


2/3/15 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for reps of:

7 Hang Power Snatch [135/95]
5 Behind the Neck Jerks
3 Overhead Squats
– Rest 3 mins –