3/6/17 - Refill Guy

In the office we have a coffee machine. In fridge in my house, we have a container that holds lots of water that is purified for the family. I know you have been a part of getting the last drop, or at least damn near close. I also know you have been in the camp of being super thirsty, dying for a drink, and the container is bone dry. What you have is a heap of frustration and a cold ass container, but you have no water. This is a breakdown in a near perfect system. The agreement that we are all here to enjoy the water is based upon the agreement that we all understand that water needs to be put into the container preceding us enjoying it.

Are you the person that only drinks the water? Are you the person that fills it only to drink it? Do you fill it when you are done? Do you even notice what is going on? Do you walk by and see and empty container and fill it just because you can?

Pour water into the containers in your life. Do everyone a favor and work on giving instead of taking. Do the same with your time. Pour your time into those that are important to you. Be conscious of the others that are around you. The systems work because of agreements. These agreements, although most times not mentioned, are very real. Think of the agreement that goes on in driving. Everyone just agrees to drive on the right side of the road. If you choose to change this, havoc ensues.

When you live or work with others, these small things such as water refills happen. They happen whether you choose to do them or not, and if they don’t, to whom do we look? We need to live in such a way that we jump at accountability and opportunity to complete tasks like this. That paper towel you see on the floor will get picked up, but who is going to do it? That old lady is going to cross the street. Are you going to help her? Someone should. Jump at the opportunity to be helpful, jump at the opportunity to be ambitious, jump at the opportunity to make things better. We need you!


Danny Lesslie


3/6/17 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10 Arch/Hollow Swings on Rings

20 Reverse Hypers

30 Lat Pull Downs

Then, complete the following for time of:

100’ Handstand Walk (or 300’ Bear Crawl)

50 Alternating Pistols

50 Pull Ups

100 Squats