7/16/15 - Long Haul or Bust!

Despite some conventional thinking, just a couple choice weightlifting sessions won’t take you to bulky town. As a matter of fact, nothing really happens in the short term in fitness. Nothing real happens in the short term physically, at least.

You may feel better or sleep better or even teach your central nervous system how to do more work, but you aren’t going to all of a sudden be made up of different parts, not yet at least.

When it comes to “looking the part,” adding real strength, and expressing true fitness potential, you’re either in it for the long haul or you’re not in the conversation. My opinion might be a bit harsh, but if your sights aren’t set on showing up for the next five years (or rest of your life), what’s the point anyway?

My advice? Be in for the long haul or quit. Results-wise, doing this intermittently or for the short term is the same as quitting, anyway, so saddle up!


Logan Gelbrich


7/16/15 WOD

Make three heavy attempts at the following complex:
1 Hip Clean
1 Hang (Above the Knee) Clean
1 Hang (Below the Knee) Clean


10 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Dbl KB Swings (53/35)