7/27/15 - Context is Everything; Dessert Included

Nothing makes sense without context. It’s been said that knowledge with context is true wisdom, while knowledge without it is just information.

What if I told you that a piece of dessert is just as fruitless nutritionally for everyone and anyone who eats it? What if I told you that consuming a piece of dessert, however, has different consequences for different people based on context? I  believe both are true.

This starts to explain a scenario like when the struggling student with body composition goals watches the fitness coach drink a beer. “She can get away with it! But, me? I’m over here eating salad with no results to show.”

Well, context clears things up quick. Over the course of a year, a decade, or of a lifetime what is that beer to the fitness coach? What is that salad to the athlete? It’s rarely what it looks like on the surface. Is the beer but a pebble in a massive lake of quality lifestyle choices? Is the salad a pebble in an ocean of poor ones?

This matters.

Often times it takes a lifestyle of higher physical output, increased testosterone levels, double the lean body mass, and the happen chance that one chooses to scarf down a big dessert to make a Fluffernutter from Scopa Italian Roots one thing for some people and an entirely different thing for others.

Context is everything.

Furthermore, you’re in charge of creating that context. The tricky part is that it comes with brutal honesty and responsibility.


Logan Gelbrich


7/27/15 WOD

Even: 200′ Shuttle Run
Odd: 4 Strict Pull Ups

**Athletes’ score is slowest shuttle