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The Digital Future for DEUCE

The COVID-19 crisis gutted the fitness industry and in an effort to bring performance training in a new context, we rolled out two new training initiatives that would make the need for a brick and mortar gym obsolete. This included the Digital GPP at Home Training that comes daily, including what you see programmed below,

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Standards of Speed & Agility

The charter we hold here at DEUCE is to be a house of learning. In many ways, we view DEUCE as an ecosystem of coaches and facilities where one can learn and move toward performance in a number of different disciplines. We’re like a university for performance with a broad spectrum of course offerings.  Project

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Less Ink, More Go

“Ink” can mean different things. You know, there’s the classic: Expo Marker ink. Then, there’s digital “ink” and ink in your training journal. I’m talking about the amount of ink used to write your training. I’m here to tell you that we don’t need more of it, especially if you’re wanting to get fitter.  In

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DEUCE Breath & Exposure Webinar Tuesday

Did you know? Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of DEUCE Breath & Exposure! Since the humble beginnings of the course with bags of ice and an ice tub into a multi-tiered offering with a world class facility, we’ve grown so much. Our Tuesday event series continues this week with an open

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Finally, DEUCE Comes to Your Home

We’re been diligently working behind the scenes to bring the world, and specifically our students, the most remarkable training experience possible at this time. We’re proud to present a massive project called ‘DELTA BRAVO: The DEUCE Home Training Experience’.  This training experience allows the essence of DEUCE to enter the homes of every person with

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