Running with Nature: Pt. 3 of 4

We’ve been taking a much needed look at the mechanics of running and specifically how to align runners more closely with nature. In Part 1, we set the table with why the poor feedback loop of running, lack of a standard, and a strong quantitative (rather than qualitative) orientation of the running community has resulted

Fit to Acknowledge

I have to admit.. while walking around the neighborhood for the past two weeks, it’s been difficult to not take personally some of the social distancing that’s surrounded me. Quick context, walking has been part of my regular routine for a long time. Rain or shine, I walk 30-60 minutes a day. Maybe the contrast

Watt’s Towers: Legacy Art

It’s been said that the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia once took the tour bus to the Watt’s Towers in Los Angeles, where he had a profound acid induced experience at the site. The towers, which have become a notable attraction in Los Angeles, were built by Sabato Rodia out of rebar, steel, concrete, and scrap

Choices Narrow to One

For the first time in modern history the entire planet is subject to the same predicament. Even the two World Wars had different sides and someone to blame or direct anger towards. The coronavirus pandemic truly is global and will impact the lives of both the remote islanders of Fiji and the stock traders in

Running with Nature: Pt. 2 of 4

In an effort to continue developing a clearer understanding of what it means to run in better congruence with nature, we must start with a seemingly obvious detail about the context in which running occurs. There is one force acting upon us all at all times. That force, of course, is gravity. While this isn’t