Commitment Over Complaint

RSVPing doesn’t guarantee attendance.

Attendance doesn’t guarantee participation.

Participation doesn’t guarantee progress – let alone, work performed.

You know this. You understand this. Let’s say, for example, you reserve your spot for GPP class via PushPress in advance… Great! Also, mandatory, but we can agree that that reservation isn’t what drives your car/rides your bike/powers your legs to get to the gym?  

Similarly – an idea doesn’t guarantee action.

Action marginalized to articulating and/or criticizing something, sans action, doesn’t guarantee value.

And the most accurate appraisal of value – specifically in what you contribute – doesn’t get guaranteed by your perspective alone.

Put another way, do you like or dislike something and have an opinion to express about it? Cool! Free speech, baby. Also, after expressing that opinion, are you behaving in a way that offers utility or not?

Much like our understanding of time can get confusing – as humans we have the capacity to physiologically experience thoughts about the future or past as real, as real as if we physically, tangibly, felt those things in present time – it’s worth addressing that our understanding of value is also confusing. Not to mention, it often gets written off as “to each his or her own” – rather than challenged when a reasonable justification for it seems questionable.

Performance matters. Again, you know this. So with respect to perceived versus appreciated value, take note: reflection and action are interdependent, not exclusive, of one another.

Just as there’s no shortcut to the volume and intensity of deliberate practice required to improve any Olympic lift or gymnastics skill in the gym, there’s no shortcut to the hard work required to bring an idea to life – and better yet, in a way that offers value beyond intellectual understanding.

For those of you who have read The Fountainhead, your take-home message is this: “More like Roark, less like Toohey.” Otherwise, I’m leaving you with a powerful nugget of wisdom that Logan shared from Coach’s Prep this past Saturday: “Commitment over complaint.”

But take caution: it’s only powerful to the degree upon which you act on it..

8/13/20 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


Single Leg Box Jump (to Two Foot Landing)

Then, EMOM 10
Odd: 8 1-Arm DB Bent Rows (ea)
Even: 12 Alt Single Leg Box Step Up Jump

Then, every 2 minutes for 8 rounds, complete the following for time and reps:
Odd: 200m Run
Even: Max Apnea KB Swings (53/35)