Choosing the Goose or the Bottle

While the faces change, humans don’t have that many different kinds of problems. Those stay the same.  Some problems are so old that we’ve got ancient parables for them that are just as important and informative today as they were thousands of years ago. 

Here’s the Zen parable you might need to hear right now:

“A woman raised a goose in a bottle. When the goose had grown, she wanted to get it out without harming the goose or breaking the bottle. How do you get the goose out of the bottle?”

Consider how many Americans at this current moment are stuck at a crossroads of desire. Two conflicting choices leave them paralyzed with neither. Are you stuck wanting your goose and your bottle?

7/9/20 WOD


Make 5 attempts at the following complex for load:
1 Hang Power Clean
2 Push Presses

Then, complete 3 rounds for reps of:
:60 Max Squats
:60 Max Double Unders
:60 Max Push Ups 
:60 Max Sit Ups 
:60 Max Burpees

-Rest 1 Min-


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 Barbell Bent Over Rows
20 Front Rack Lunges
:60 Front Rack Hold

Then, AMRAP 20:
8 Shoulder-to-Overhead (115/75)
12 Wall Ball (20/14)
16 Sit Ups


Every :90 for 4 rounds, perform the following complex for load:
1 Clean Pull with a Pause Above the Knee
1 Clean with a Pause Above the Knee
1 Clean 

Then, complete 2 rounds for quality of:
6 Paused Front Squats

Then, AMRAP 6:
Max Calories Row/Bike

-Rest 3 Min-

Max Squat Clean Thrusters (155/105)