Help Us Beautify Rose Ave.

Some inspired neighbors are making a push to beautify Rose Avenue as it runs adjacent to the Penmar Golf Course. For anyone who’s been fortunate enough to run the mile route from the gym, you know that this stretch utilizes this very path. 

It’s important to note that what the surrounding home owners need most isn’t your money, but rather your support. If you’d like to support this project (and subsequently improve your mile time) you can sign this petition

Logan Gelbrich  




Daily Coaching Video 

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5/8/20 WOD


Progressive Volume Work

Complete 4 rounds for quality:

10 Copenhagen Plank (ea)

12 Leg Pull Up (ea)

12 Pike Push Up


Sprint Progression:

Complete 2 efforts for distance:

:10 Sprint

-Rest :60-

:10 Sprint


Then, complete 2 rounds for distance:

:15 Sprint

-Rest :90-

:15 Sprint

-Rest 2 Min –


Then, complete 3 rounds for distance:

:20 Sprint

-Rest :90-

:20 Sprint

-Rest 2 Min-