Fit to Acknowledge, Part Two

We’ve all been there before… someone asks, “How are you?” and the answer is neither resoundingly good nor bad, but somewhere in between.

Though your response could go a number of ways, if you choose to respond, you likely will do so in one of two directions:

  1.       Fake-it-till-ya-make-it with a side of deflection – “Good! And you?”
  2.       Minimal dose diction – “I’m alright, thanks.” Just enough to acknowledge the human asking, while indirectly (but directly enough) communicating that you’d rather not spend time talking about it. At least, not now, and/or with this person.

Here’s the deal: I’m highly interested in pursuing virtuosity – doing the common, uncommonly well – and not just with functional movement, but with functional communication, too. And today, I’d like to evolve our discussion from a month ago that spoke to the fitness to acknowledge others, and move into the fitness to engage with others.  

A social experiment for you to try this week: Instead of asking “How are you?”, ask, “Head? Heart?”

This is something I learned from local legend and longtime DEUCE member, Tim Brown, and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s a way of greeting others in a way that acknowledges the nuanced nature of what we may be feeling logically versus emotionally.

Virtuosity demands specificity, appropriately executed within context. Mastery of language is no different than mastery of movement. But in your pursuit for greater fitness, are you willing to put the time in to develop both? I hope so…

Kimmy Moss




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5/6/20 WOD

Handstand Series:


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

5 Wall Peels

5 Kick-up to Handstand (Freestanding)


Then, AMRAP 20

Walking Lunges