Volatility: Food for Growth, Guaranteed

When we sit down with prospective members for their ‘Intro Session’ we have an important contextual conversation. Part of that conversation is about defining the elements that are essential to our main program, General Physical Preparedness. One of these is variance. 

While variance is particularly novel and fun, we’re quick to explain that’s not of great enough utility for us. A certain amount of variance is required for adaptation. Ironically, we know this to be true, but humans often seek and desire order and control. If there ever was a time to embrace variance, it’s now. 

Consider the following powerful maxim from contemporary philosopher, Nassim Taleb: “In probability, volatility and time are the same.” Our biology responds to volatility and that’s good news because volatility is guaranteed. It’s food for our growth. Let this time grow you. 


Logan Gelbrich


3/17/20 WOD

Progressive Stability Work

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

:10 Left-Side Captain Morgan (Right Knee Up + Toe Up)

:10 Left-Side Captain Morgan (Left Knee Up + Toe Up)


:15 Crow Position Hold


:10 Right-Side Captain Morgan (Right Knee Up + Toe Up)

:10 Right-Side Captain Morgan (Left Knee Up + Toe Up)


Conditioning for a score:

Then, AMRAP 11

1 Mile Run

-Rest 1 min-

2, 4, 6, 8, 10..

Jump Squats

Sit Ups


*Score is last completed round of jump squats & sit ups plus extra reps