DELAYED: Opting Out

In 2010, I was equally attracted to the positive effects of being in environments of adversity as I am now. I just had more time on my hands. It led to a boredom inspired effort to test myself. I’d commit to taking cold showers indefinitely. 


It was one of the most repeatable daily practices I could think of to experience discomfort. I hate the cold and this way before anyone was talking about cold exposure, breath, or any positive effects of this in my circles. It was just an odd commitment. 

Fourteen-hour days working two jobs finished with cold showers that I would have killed to be warm. Got a little bout with the common cold? Cold shower for you, please. Had a full day of coaching 90 miles away? A cold show will do you some good.

It got old. I did, however, know that the power (if there was any) in doing this meant that I couldn’t quit in a moment of struggle or because of lack of preference. When I started, it was both struggle and lack of preference that I was committed to, in the first place, so I’d have to go through that first to change my plans. Or, it would defeat the purpose. 

Today’s lesson is in the spirit of seeing things through. Can you make a deal with yourself to see things to completion beyond the thresholds of “what serves you,” your preferences, or what feels good? This isn’t a mandate to indefinitely enroll in tasks, relationships, or agreements that don’t work. It is, however, a call to action to place the quit button on the other side of the trouble spots that are ubiquitous and all things worth committing to in the first place.

Never quit on a bad day. 


Logan Gelbrich   


3/12/20 WOD


Weighted Strict Pull Up

Weighted Strict Dip


“Get Up to Get Down”



1, 2, 3, 4… Thrusters (155/105)

10/6 Cal Row


*At the 10 minute mark, establish a heavy single clean in 6 minutes