The Observational Learner

I’ll never forget the first time I truly understood the push press. It clicked watching someone else. I learned intensity in CrossFit by observing, too. The first time I did “Fran” I’d been dreading it after watching Mikko Salo do chest-to-bar “Fran” in 2:18 unbroken at a sprint and stay on his feet after. I was audibly upset at my first performance at 2:52, because I’d watched others do it in the low 2:00 range so often. Without those observations, I can objectively say I would have broken up the workout. Weightlifting, too, might be best understood through watching, too. 

This all introduces an important question, “Are you watching?” Better yet, are you really watching?

There are thousands of free repetitions happening here each day. The best part about them is they take no physical effort. No sweat will be shed. And, it could be the best learning you can do. 

Observe well, folks. 


Logan Gelbrich  


10/30/19 WOD

Complete three rounds for time of:

750m Row

-Rest as needed-


Then, complete the following for time:


OHS (95/65)

AbMat Sit Ups