Taking Help & Everything Else

Sometimes the United States of America is referred to as “the land of opportunity”. While we won’t be debating the State of the Union here, we must agree there is incredible opportunity around us. Despite this fact, I’ve come to find that fewer people are taking what they want. 

Read the verb in the aforementioned sentence again. (SEE: “taking”)

In another similar but different lane of my life, I have an online education business. Here I deal with a range of motivated entrepreneurs. Some of them are desperate while others are merely curious. Most of the resources there are expensive, so I empathize with the balance of being financially unstable and spending money to resolve your money issues.

What I don’t understand is what I observe everyday. People who cannot be helped. Dictionaries would call these people helpless, but I didn’t intend on being that harsh. For example, I’ve got several helpful FREE resources. 

When countless people reach out to me for help (which they do), I point them in the direction of these FREE resources. What few people realize is there is an Easter Egg inside them. After downloading one of these free resources, I email them to invite them to discuss. It’s basically free coaching. 

Thousands of people have downloaded these free resources. Guess how many have responded to my email? 


Similarly, I posted an article on this site years ago as a rebuttal to all of the complaints I receive that people would train at the gym and get in shape, but that they couldn’t afford it. I hypothesized that this was a convenient excuse. So, I proposed I’d pay for anyone who asked. The article went viral and was seen by thousands of times around the country. Guess how many people inquired?


Here’s what I know when it comes to getting what you want. Take it. There are so few people willing to literally take what is theirs that you immediately put yourself in the top one percent of people in the population by doing so. It’s mind blowing to me how rare (and valuable) attacking what you want in life is. Until you’ve done this and still fallen short, I don’t want to hear your complaint. 

Take it. 


Logan Gelbrich


10/1/19 WOD


Minute 1: 30 Double Unders

Minute 2: 10 Devil Press (35/25)

Minute 3: 10 HSPU

Minute 4: 12 Box Jumps (24/20)