“Owning” Ranges of Motion

Whether you realize it or not, let me tell you that you don’t want to be limber. Hear me out. What you want is more specific than that. You think you want to be flexible, but what you really want is to be mobile. You want to own your ranges of motion. 

What’s the difference, you ask? The difference is stability. Getting into a position is one thing, but being stable once you’re there is a horse of a different color. 

This is a nudge to change your perspective about the value of flexibility. Cranking yourself into positions via stretching or some other torturous method seems fruitless if you’re not earning safety in those positions. True mobility, then, is flexibility combined with stability.  

In order to get this Holy Grail of quality range of motion, you’ll need to be under tension in your end range of motions. For extra credit, make sure you can breathe in your end ranges of motion!


Logan Gelbrich  


9/13/19 WOD


Pendlay Row



DB Rear Flys


Then, complete 4 rounds for reps of:

In :90…

:30 DB Farmers Carry Hold (AHAP)

Max Distance Odd Object Carry (AHAP)

-Rest 3 minutes-