Replacing Motivation with Renewable Energy

Chances are the things you desire most are rare. They are likely rare because there is an arduous path to achieve them. If there wasn’t such an arduous path, more people would obtain these desires. 

Good so far?

As you embark on this journey that so many embark on (but rarely succeed in), we need to look at what’s propelling you. Here’s the conundrum. If the propulsion mechanism that will drive you to this far reaching desired outcome is simply the positive emotions that reaching these outcomes will bring you, I’ve got news for you. The road is longer than you’ve got positive emotional gas in the tank.

You need a better fuel source than motivation. Motivation comes and goes. What we need is a fuel that propels us when motivation abandons us. We need a fuel that burns bright after all the hedonistic reasons for trying are exhausted. After all, this is where everyone else quits. They run out of gas. You can’t afford to run out of gas with where you’re trying to go, can you?

Discipline is the propeller that thrusts forward whether motivation is present or not. And, now that is compelling!

But, how do we earn discipline in our path towards what we want? Well, we need to anchor our reason for engaging in the journey to something more sturdy than positive emotion or “motivation”. We need to anchor it to purpose

In order to link your work to purpose, you’ll need to understand what your core values are. Once you understand what connects you in the deepest, richest way to the source of your being, now you have a chance to push forward regardless of the weather, your feelings, or some other fragile existence.

Need help finding your deepest core values? Let’s talk about it:


Logan Gelbrich   


7/18/19 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality:

5 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

5 Weighted High Box Step Ups (ea)


Then complete 3 rounds for slowest time:

750m Row

-Rest as needed-