DEUCE Featured on Shrugged

Some of the ways we’re fighting to constantly evolve here at DEUCE aren’t made explicitly clear to the public. What we want you to know, though, is that we intentionally have built ways into our working operation to develop ourselves and to seek out ways in which our approaches may be fragile.

Much of this kind of strategy was recently shared in a conversation I had with the Shrugged Collective podcast crew after I competed in a strongman event in Miami earlier this year. Inside this conversation you can begin to understand what we do about building culture, developing coaches, and challenging our perspectives.

Since these elements aren’t specific to fitness you might take interest in them beyond having new fun facts about a gym you like and use the concepts for your own life. I hope you’ll have a listen.



Logan Gelbrich


4/1/19 WOD

Build to a heavy single front squat…

Then, max strict pull ups..


Then, complete for time:


3 Rounds:

400m Run

21 American KBS (53/35)

12 Pull Ups