Choosing Confronting Circumstances

How would you get to know yourself? We talk about this sort of thing in our language, but how do we do it? Someone will say something like, “She really needs to gets to know herself.” Of, a friend might say something like, “I didn’t know who I was at that age.”

While we know what they mean, I’m not sure many of us know how to do it. Let’s first consider that sometimes life throws things our way that teach us more about who we are. When your house burns down or you go bankrupt or you experience a trauma, you most definitely learn more about yourself. These kinds of confronting circumstances expose us. We understand new perspectives and take note of how we think and react to such external stimuli. The trouble with these kinds of instances is that you’d like to not burn your own house down everytime you want a little lesson about who you are.

What, then, can we do to drive this sort of thing?

Luckily, we can seek out confronting circumstances (and keep flames away from your house). Think about the mechanism


Logan Gelbrich


3/29/19 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

50′ Rope Pull

12 1-Arm Rear Delt Flys (Ea)

Max Weighted Bar Dips


Then, complete the following for time:

12-9-6 1-Arm DB Thrusters – Left (60/40)

12-9-6 1-Arm DB Thrusters – Right

30 Double Unders