Let’s Make Greatness Famous

I’ve always loved the street art painted above the offices of our student and friend, Sal Masekela’s, production company. It reads, “Stop making stupid people famous.”

We live in hyper-connected, high-velocity times. Part of the world we live in includes the opportunity for virtually anyone to have incredible influence previously unknown to human. Furthermore, the exponential nature of the internet makes possible for anyone to gain a influence greater than that of King, Queens, and Dignitaries of the past in a matter of hours.

I’m open to the fact that I live in a bubble. I do. In my bubble I hear about the nearly universal distaste of trash TV, faux leaders that we call “influencers”, and the regressive influence they have over millions of people. These are subjective opinions. They are common ones, nonetheless.

Rather than get in the weeds about who should or shouldn’t be influential, I’ll leave you with a question. Are you propping up the people, things, and conceptual thinking that you’d hope to be famous?


Logan Gelbrich


3/19/19 WOD


Even: 2 Depth Jumps

Odd: 12 Toes-to-Bar


Then, complete the following for time:

400m Run


5 rounds:

12 Alt Front Rack Step Back Lunges (95/65)

6 Thrusters

24 Double Unders


400m Run