No Matter the Journey, Lock Arms

I find that human beings like to huddle together. We huddle together because community is an evolutionarily reinforced asset that paid huge dividends in the game of life when the name of the game was simply survival.

While we huddle together in a myriad of different subgroups based on geography, religion, preferences, etc, I’d like to call attention to two main human huddles that don’t have formal titles. I find that the human need for community combined with the human distaste of uncertainty makes for a unique dynamic. There are little unofficial bands of human beings that get together to ease the internal struggle and downward spiral of their lifestyles of trying to play it safe. Most people fit into this huddle, in fact. They get together and talk about how hard life is, how it’s stacked against them, and that it’s OK that they aren’t following their highest self.

This may sound like a downer (and it is), but there’s another community of people that emerges that’s just the opposite. The ones who are vulnerably exploring their best selves and trying to live their dreams despite a lack of socialize support for such risque pursuits also need community. In fact, pursuing your dreams to your fullest extent can be a lonely existence. To me this is a much better explanation of why Michael Jackson spent time with Andy Warhol and Robert O’Neill, the former SEAL Team 6 member who shot Osama Bin Laden, spends time with Tom Brady than celebrities being high brow. There is a comfort in relatability in being around other humans who are seeking pinnacle performance in themselves.

We all need support and empathetic communities. Those who are neck deep in life’s uncertainty trying to make miracles happen need others who are doing the same, albeit in a completely different way or industry. The photo above, for example, is a little work outing with DEUCE Gym, DEUCE Athletics, and DEUCE Backlot with this very idea in mind. We got together to link arms and be reminded that we can be a community of support for each other.

Who’s on your team?


Logan Gelbrich


2/4/19 WOD

Find a heavy thruster…

Then, AMRAP 8
10 Burpees
20 DB Snatches (50/30)
30 Double Unders

Immediately after complete the following for time:
800m Run