Small Team’s Getting It Done Since Ever

When it comes to big impact, it’s almost always a small team that you’ll find responsible for making it all happen. Historically speaking small, highly-motivated groups are the ones that have traditionally pioneered civil reform, government revolutions, made decisive innovations in science and technology, and beyond.

Today this remains true. If you need to capture a notorious terrorist, build an app that will change the world, or raise big money for a worthy cause, it seems that the ones who have success deploy a highly capable, small team to accomplish the task at hand. When it seems like one individual is making it happen, look closer. No one is doing this alone.

While it’s important to recognize that there are no lone wolves at the helm, the opposite is also true. Large, clunky organizations rarely move the needle with big impact and lack agility. Be discerning with who will comes along on your next difficult journey. The next time you want to do something exceptional, try to follow suit before you attempt to become an exception to the rule.

Logan Gelbrich


6/18/18 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 Ring Dips
10 Chest Supported DB Rows

Then, EMOM 12
Minute 1: 10 OH Reverse Lunges
Minute 2: 15  BW Squats
Minute 3: 10 Lateral Burpee Over Plate
Minute 4: :30 L-Sit Hold