Quit Biting Your Nails (Without Trying)

Idle time is a bitch. We get fidgety. Our minds wander. We waste time and, worst of all, we drift from the moment. This is when people bite their nails.

I’ll never forget the moment my parents noticed that my fingernails had become urgently needing a trim. It was the first time there was a need for nail clippers because, like any gross young boy, I’d just bite my nails, never letting them grow long enough for something as civil as nail clippers. Yet, here I was growing up before their eyes.

What changed?

The funny thing is I wasn’t even aware. I wasn’t trying to not bite my nails. I just so happened to be on the trip of my life on a small Greek island swimming, skiing, and exploring everyday. The adventure was so rich that there was no idle time, no fidgeting, no wasted moments. I’ll never forget looking down at my fingernails and wondering how I kicked the habit and realizing that I did the impossible by simply having more fun.

As it turns out the best way to kick a meaningless habit is to immerse yourself in a life so rich there’s no reason to waste it. Once you find it, do more of it.

Logan Gelbrich


3/27/18 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for reps of:
:60 Max Keg Clean and Press
-Rest as Needed-

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:
:45 Weighted Plank
6 Single Leg DB RDLs
12 GHD Hip Extensions