Soul in the Game

According to author, trader, philosopher, Nassim Taleb, some individuals have not just “skin in the game,” but soul in the game. Having ‘skin in the game,’ of course, ties the individual to the outcome. Having soul in the game means not only do keep your own downside, but you take on the risk of others for universal values. These folks, namely soldiers, prophets, philosophers, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, writers, maverick scientists, and risk taking journalists, provide a healthy reubatal to artificially risk protected participants.

Almost everyone is smart enough to be in position to benefit from their victories. Even politicians are smart enough to do this. Not everyone, however, is willing to have skin in the game when they fail. In fact, there’s a special kind of evil that lurks in the form of those who win when they win, but others bear the loss when they lose. 

These types of dynamics don’t need to be strictly financial, however. While finances are a common focus for this type of behavior (SEE: ineffective forms of corporate structure and bureaucratic corruption), humans exude this evil deflection of responsibility in the face of failure in other ways, too. After all, who takes the blame when relationships and organizational integrity is breached? Hopefully it’s the responsible party.

Aside from some sort of moral reason for maintaining your skin in the game, it’s important to hear that the implications are much greater than morality. You see, the more we support, participate, and fail to eradicate systems that lack skin in the same, the more we are susceptible to catastrophic blow ups (SEE: the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent bailouts).

Whether we’re talking about relationship systems, organizational systems, or government systems we need skin in the game for our own safety. This can and should start as close to home as possible, so let me ask you a question. Are you in position to feel the consequences of your loses or are you protected because others bear your risk?

Logan Gelbrich  



3/15/18 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality:
5 Suitcase Deadlifts – Left (AHAP)
50′ Suitcase Carry – Left
5 Suitcase Deadlifts – Right
50′ Suitcase Carry – Right

3 Weighted Strict Pull Ups
6 Box Jumps (30/24)
9 Dynamic Push Ups