Build It, Dwell There

German philosopher Martin Heidegger asks us to consider the dwelling mind. The dwelling mind is a mind at peace. The metaphor of language goes on to say we engage in building as a means to dwell. Human beings strive for this dwelling mind and the peaceful state it comes with.

The dwelling mind doesn’t need to be reserved for “home” either. Heidegger uses the example of a truck driver enjoying a dwelling mind on the road. The insight here, of course, is that we can reside in peace any place that we build it.

What are you building? Will you allow yourself to dwell in it?

Logan Gelbrich


3/13/18 WOD

Find a 2RM Bench Press..

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 1-Arm DB Bent Rows (Ea)
Max Narrow Grip Push Ups

5 Deadlifts (185/135)
10 Burpees