Beautiful, Dark Place

Full confession here. I have a guilty pleasure and I rarely talk about it. It’s an achievement for me, but the real benefactor is you the athlete. It’s a place. It’s a very dark place. It’s dark, but beautiful. You have the option to go there every day, but most rarely do.

Let’s frame it this way. Think of the Grand Canyon. There is a big parking lot where you park your car near the canyon. Then, you walk down a trail hopeful and mildly terrified. Then, you see the rail, and it hits you that on the other side of that rail is a cliff. And, that cliff would be the end for those that may slip off. Walking up to that rail at the edge is quite unsettling to some.

Let’s relate this to fitness. The edge of the cliff is where the juice is. The edge of the cliff is a place that is very uncomfortable. You have to choose to go there despite the signals your body is giving you. You have to actively choose to stay there. It’s dark, and cold, and painful. The rewards in this place are endless, and they are there for the taking for those so brave as to habitate this space. It is very clear when someone goes to this place during a workout and it’s beautiful. Of course, with its ready availability, you are in complete control of how close you get. And, you are in complete control of your success.

Back to the point. The other day I watched one of our students go here. I very proudly watched her go there and hold herself to the fire. I watched an athlete break through. I watched an athlete push herself to a new level very quietly and very victoriously. Hers is the glory, and hers are the rewards. I just watched. And, dammit, I am so proud of her. These moments are gold for me. These moments make my day every time. And to be real honest, all of the benefit is yours.

You see, we all share in your victory. These struggles and victories are an effort that shines light on all of us. Whether I ever tell her, or I just let her have it all to herself doesn’t really matter. She earned it and it’s hers. I am just so glad I got to see it. This fitness journey is full of gold, but you’ve got to go get it. And, just so you know. I love seeing your drive.


Danny Lesslie


2/12/18 WOD


Complete 5 Rounds for time of:

12 Deadlift (155/105)

9 Hang Power Clean

6 Push Jerk