Cockatoos Do NOT Bark Like Dogs

The beautiful thing about gaining perspective is you can’t un-see things. This brings me to the most profound statement of the year for me which goes on to say, “That which challenges your assumptions breaks your existing mental frame.”

For example, you can believe with all your heart and might in something, but the moment you see it proven wrong your mental frame is no longer satisfactory. This works in all conscious evolution. If you want to evolve yourself between the ears, think of anything that you believe to be true. Once you have that maxim in your mind, seek out how you might be wrong about that. After all, it takes just one piece of information that challenges this assumption to break and, as a result, grow your mental frame.

Recently in Coach’s Prep 101 online, for example, we set out to break some of the dogma in fitness. When it comes to maxims like, “The jerk should always start with feet in the universal jumping position” and “athletes should always control the barbell through the eccentric portion of the deadlift” need just one instance that proves this assumption wrong in order to break the dogmatic views on them. There are many disproving perspectives on these two examples, but the exercise did the trick, nonetheless.

I encourage you to force your own evolution today by writing down something big or small that you believe to be true no matter how silly it may be. You might believe, for example, that cockatoos do not bark like dogs. Of course, you’d be correct in assuming that, at least, right up until you weren’t.

Let this be a pattern for your personal growth. Seek disconfirming information. Carry on.


Logan Gelbrich


10/19/17 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for reps of:

In :90..

20 Hand Release Pushups

Max Snatches (135/95)

-Rest 3 min-