Venn Diagrams

Your experience is uniquely yours. Your story is uniquely yours, and mine is uniquely mine. But, you would be terribly mistaken if you were to think there is no common ground. If you have seen a Venn Diagram you know that it is two or more circles that overlap. One has surface area that is uniquely its own, and so do the others. But, there is a definite area that is shared. We all talk about training, and we talk about life. We all see it differently, but no perspective is faulty. They are just different. They all come from different places, and pursue different things.In this journey you will find yourself coming upon information and situations that are unfamiliar. Don’t be a circle all by yourself. Learn to look for common ground. Don’t judge better or worse. Different is different. They are not you. You didn’t come from where they did. Accept that we are all connected in some respects, and we are all capable of learning and progress.

Closing the gaps in our lives offers all of the joy and progress you could imagine. These gaps exist in families. These gaps exist in careers. These gaps exist in relationships. They are everywhere. Find the common ground in your life. Be a part of the Venn Diagram, and don’t forget to bring your game to the table. Be you, be unique, and be open to learning.


Danny Lesslie


8/7/17 WOD


Snatch Balance


Then, EMOM 10

2 Hang Snatches