Don’t Compete, Contribute

Let me ask you something. What can you do? How can you add value to this place? After all, this place is much bigger than the space you take up. “This place,” of course, refers to the space we all occupy as humans. We all have a role. We all have relationships. We all have pursuits. Comparing yourself to someone else is part of our nature as humans. When we grow up around others, there are both high achievers and not so high achievers. Though it’s natural to compare yourself to others, we can get engrained in this. I want to challenge you to grow past this. Grow beyond trying to be better than the next guy. I am really working on this one, too, because I have news for you:

Someone is always better.

When we can separate ourselves from the competition, and the personal value that comes from the recognition, I believe we are on to something. I am not telling you to stop achieving, I am just suggesting that you place less value on what others think. Take a look inside, and try to contribute. What can you give to this place? What can you provide for others better than anyone else can? Let’s go there and let’s have that conversation.

Finding value in yourself can get deep. It’s really personal. Have the conversation with yourself about worth. Go down that road.

Where do I find my worth? I can tell you there have been many times in my life that I have found my worth external to myself. This is a treacherous path t. It doesn’t lead to a positive place. You see, to contribute and to really provide value, you need to have a firm belief in your self-worth. Being secure in your value to this place is a direct link to where you derive your worth. Let me be the first to tell you that you are worth more than you know. Don’t ever undervalue yourself. Lock into your worth. Do yourself a favor by not letting others diminish this. When you find it, start shining, my friend.

Competition is a great thing and it is a great teacher. I would encourage everyone to compete, but for the love of God, contribute. This has some real teeth. Make yourself useful. Help someone learn something. Help an old lady across the street. At some point in life, we have to recognize our role in relation to the grander scheme. You are a piece in a large puzzle. It’s up to you what is on that piece. Make it a cool one.



Danny Lesslie


6/16/17 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for increasingly faster times of:

400m Run


Then, complete 5 rounds for quality of:

5 Progressive StrictPresses

5 False Grip Ring Pull Ups

5 Progressive Box Jumps (AHAP)