I have a whole new appreciation for the seasons since moving to California five years ago. I grew up as a kid in the Midwest and typical to most kids loved summer and despised winter. I definitely still loved the crisp air of spring, with the blooming of flowers and the occasional rain shower. I also loved the piles of leaves in the fall and all of the comfort food that came with it. My gratitude unfortunately came with age.

As a kid we had seasons in sports. The anticipation built as the season came near. Practices began. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed. Anticipation kept building throughout the season as the tournament came near! Heartbreak or victory was sure to find each kid by the end. Each season was chalk full of emotion, and life experience.

As I began to get older, I realize that people are like seasons. Moving for me made this very clear.  Distance makes conversations grow further apart, and inevitably unless you hold on tight people go their separate ways. This was a hard reality to come to terms with, but definitely a truth. People could be just a phone call away or as distant as a fleeting memory. Over time a phone call seemed likes decades ago.

As much as people are like seasons, I believe we go throughs seasons of life. I remember laughing a few days ago about our current season. We happened to be shopping for baby regalia in target on a Friday night. We bought a six pack of beer, and I thought “Boy ,this will last awhile!” I remember a time when I would never buy six, because having six was basically like having zero. It’s definitely a new season!

I couldn’t imagine being more in love with the current season of our life. But, I can also say that I haven’t always been as excited about all my seasons.

We can also talk about seasoning food. The decision in this seasoning process is much more short lived, but definitely as enjoyable or distasteful as any. When a dish is off the charts delish, you remember it forever. It becomes untouchable. A stamp on your heart. It becomes very much like winning the championship as a kid. It becomes just like laughing with your best friend, like getting married, like having a baby, like a fresh snowfall in the mountains, like a warm rainshower in the sunlight. We gather all of these things together in a special joyous place. The seasons in our life make our life.

No matter what season you are in, find the uniqueness, appreciate the experience, ride the waves, laugh in the rain, breath the cold air, nap in the sunshine, because you can be sure this season too will come to a close. A life filled with appreciation a gratitude, I believe, is a life well lived.


Danny Lesslie


5/20/15 WOD

Part I: Max Strict Pull-ups

Part II: Tabata Air Squats

Part III: 3×8 Back Rack Lunges