I read a quote the other day that was fantastic.

“We all collapse a little; may it be towards each other.”
-Richard Kenney

We all are endowed with different skill sets, and we all have holes in our game. That is the beautiful thing about a community like this. When things become tough, and it doesn’t seem like you have all the answers, or even a workable solution, reach out. You never know who will help.

The older I get, in all my 33 years, I know…The more I appreciate when people have a weak moment. It’s a huge opportunity for all of us. There will be a time when each of us will stumble, maybe get knocked back a few steps. I hope that I collapse toward the people I love. That way our setbacks only bring us closer.

That’s what this place is about. Supporting each other, and getting better because of each other, and with each other. Don’t let things in your life go awry without letting someone know. From physical setbacks, to emotional setbacks, to monetary setbacks, I can think of example after example that turned out better because of a little communication.

This place is the place because of you. We need you!


Danny Lesslie


1/21/15 WOD

Strict Press


Complete the following for time:

Power Clean & Jerk (135/95)
Burpee over the bar