Handling Business

**Bring a Friend Week**

This whole process is quite involved, isn’t it? I mean there was that first meeting, the ‘Intro Session,’ which is an hour you’ll never get back. There is, of course, the money thing, too. This isn’t cheap. How could anyone forget the training, either? You’ve put in a ton of work. Burpees aren’t a walk in the park, you know?

Considering all of that, it seems quite foolish not to get what you came for in the first place. You want to get fit. You want to get lean, lose weight, get strong, improve your confidence, find health, whatever. So, you show up, burn an hour of your time, join the world’s most expensive gym, you do some of the hardest workouts you’ve ever done, and you’re not going to finish? I mean, you’re not going to do the job you came here to do? Don’t do much of the hard stuff only get distracted enough to forget to get the fitness, get lean, lose the weight, get strong, improve your confidence, find your health, whatever.

Show up. Get what you came for.

It’s simple. It sounds stupid. But, you’d be surprised at how many people are will to go through all of that without handling that last bit of business.

Handle it.

Logan Gelbrich


6/3/14 WOD

With one partner in plank, move through the following for time:

100 KB Swings
100 Squats
75 Squats
75 Lateral Jumps
50 Pushups
50 Pullups
25 Burpees

*Each athlete must alternate through the movements while other is in plank.
**Athletes must do at least 10 reps
***Athletes are limited to 25 reps at a time