Wealthy with Time

I had such an odd feeling set over me this past week. With the gym closed from Thursday to Sunday, I couldn’t help but feel an obtuse amount of freedom. I felt rich. Not like I could go buy an Armani suit or anything, but I felt rich with time, if there is such a thing.

I don’t claim to be particularly more poor than others when it comes to time or anything, but having more free time this past weekend was a rush. Little things blew me away. While on a walk with Lindsey and her mom, for example, we could decide that we’d like to go another way (just like that). And, off we went walking in a new direction for as long as we’d like, because we could. And, we did.

I realize that what I’m saying sounds silly. But, I’ve created a reality that ordinarily doesn’t allow for any of this. I don’t regret it, but I sure did appreciate new found time when I got it these past few days.

You see, there was one other time I’ve felt this way and it was the months leading up to me moving back to LA to pursue this goal of opening a gym. It was the last time that I felt like I did this weekend, and it was arguably the most important time in my life. I was freely moving, literally and figuratively, both laterally and horizontally. I was learning at an incredible rate, and I was plotting much of what my life encompasses today.

The scary thing is, I found myself doing this again. And the even scarier thing is, the future will be even brighter than it is today.

If you’ve got time, don’t you dare fill it with apathy and dampened creativity. This life can be a rich life when you make it so.

Got some time? Try it. Go on an adventure, but even for a cup of coffee. Walk or drive to the place. Order your cup. Sit. Drink it. Maybe say hello to a patron, read a paper, or get acquainted with your thoughts. And, do this with intention and freedom. It’s incredible, and you’ll feel wealthy (with time).


Logan Gelbrich




12/3/13 WOD

Spend 15 minutes on inversions

Complete the following with a partner..

In 11 minutes:
Partner A: 100′ Farmers Carry (BW/ 75% BW)
Partner B: Max Push Press (115/75)