[VIDEO] Coaching with Style

We often talk about with our coaches (and our student coaches) that having genuine style is critical. If you aren’t you when you coach, it’s difficult to express your potential, in my opinion. Plus, that fake stuff shines through. Coaching aside, I guess we all could benefit from having our our own style and not trying to mimic someone else’s.

I can say that each coach, including our specialty course leaders, have their own distinct style. And, as they should. Speaking of coaching styles, a fan favorite in the strength and conditioning world just got some love from 60 Minutes. Scott Cochran leaves no doubt that he has his own style, and as it turns out his genuine style is contributing to three consecutive out of the last four NCAA National Championships.

Nate Helming's got style.

Nate Helming’s got style.

Do you enjoy certain coaching styles? Have you found that some methods work better than others for you as an athlete?


Logan Gelbrich




11/16/13 WOD

Thrusters (BW/75% BW)
Odd Object to Shoulder (BW/75% BW)
800m Run