The Torero Way

I was honored to speak to the University of San Diego baseball team this past weekend. The topic of my talk was both nutrition and the “Torero Way.”

During my talk, I briefly touched on nutrition, most specifically some universal truths and risk/reward concepts. Most of my dialogue, however, centered around organizational culture and working in a high performance group.

I feel blessed every single day because of the mere fact that I get to navigate my everyday life with my experience at USD in my back pocket. It taught me business, how to win, leadership, and one hell of a standard for excellence.

Part of what makes DEUCE an incredible place are the same things that make give a team NCAA title contender status. Things like vision, team culture, and a brand (or sense of identity) can go a long way. And, we plan to do just that here at DEUCE.

I’d like to leave you with the same message that I left the players at USD yesterday. And, that is that the easiest thing you can do is go through life and be good. Making a good living, having a good family and career, and taking care of business is the single easiest thing any of us can do. What’s the hardest thing? Well, the hardest thing to do is to be great. The hardest thing we can do is extend beyond what we know we can do, stick our neck out, and go for it.

Most of you reading this won’t. Maybe the consequences of failure are too great. Or, maybe “good” is good enough. Then again, maybe that’s why there’s only one national champion.

Play ball.


Logan Gelbrich

10/15/13 WOD

Overhead Squat

Back Squat