Nikki Pounds

Well, this definitely pains me to write this. But, at the same time I could not be happier. Nikki Pounds will be leaving us to move to Colorado very soon. If you don’t know her, you are missing out.

Nikki Pounds is a gift of a person. I have had the good fortune of knowing her for just about four years, which is as long as I have lived in California. Nikki was one of my first 1-on-1 personal training clients. She has been here since the beginning. The Bluffs was built with Nikki’s sweat. She was there day one, and has been there every day since. She has been a part of this new place we call home at DEUCE, and forever will reside as a superhero in our hearts. Her jersey will always adorn the rafters.

I have seen Nikki go from not knowing what a squat was, to squatting like it was her job. She was the person that did not look at herself as an athlete. I have seen her compete, and compete well. She truly is an athlete and has definitely earned every bit of it. I couldn’t be more proud to have had even a small hand in her journey. I have witnessed Nikki doing workouts where she has cried. She’s had panic attacks and stopped, only to came back and restart. She’s even been quoted to say she’s felt her heart beat in her face. Every one, however, she has fought till the end, blood, sweat, and tears. She is a damn warrior. I would like to recognize the effort and courage Nikki shows up with each day. I would go to battle for her anytime.

People like her are not common, and I feel so very blessed to have had her in my life. She was always the most welcoming host, and she would pull all the stops to make sure that everyone that came to her and Ben’s home was treated like a king. The BBQs will go down in the history books.

Speaking of Ben, the guy kicks ass. It took him about three years and Nikki stomping a 5K (which she didn’t think she could) for him and I to become friends (he didn’t like me). I know you already know, but you have a hell of a catch in Nikki, Ben. And yes, everyone will miss you, too.

This is the part about having a thriving community of awesomeness that is hard to swallow. We are losing two beautiful humans. “Family” is the only way to describe Nikki in this community. We have seen crazy success from her, so many PRs, so many victories, and so much love. The success you have seen from being a part of this community pales in comparison with the effect you have had on all of us. The mark you have left on our hearts cannot be matched. There will definitely be tears. There is always an invite for a drop in from Colorado, Nikki. We wish the best of luck to you two. And, we are all coming to visit.

Much love.


Danny Lesslie

10/6/13 WOD

Run 1 mile

-Rest 6 min-

Run 800m

-Rest 3 min-

Run 400m

-Rest 1 min-

Run 200m


**Athletes receive two scores. 1) Mile time trial and 2) Total workout time.